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I want to be your resource as a board game expert!  I'm the Meeple Mentor, so let me answer your board game questions.  Need recommendations?  Where to start if you're new to gaming?  I created the YouTube channel to be useful for all gamers to be able to play all kinds of new games- especially ones where the rulebook is difficult.  Meeple Mentor is the place to go for board game information and detailed tutorials.
Here, you can ask me questions about board gaming!!  I will respond and leave the answers out there to help others with the same questions.  Feel free to email me your questions at
Here's some common questions I see.

Q: What great board games do you recommend for anyone?  What "staples" of the hobby do I need to try?
A: I get this question all the time, which is why I started the "Off-the-Shelf" video series!  In each video, I spend 2-3 minutes describing a game I highly recommend you try!  For example, how about Carcassonne or Sushi Go!?
Here's a direct link to the 
Off-The-Shelf Playlist !!

Q: Where do you find out about new games?
A: I like to research new games on Reddit,, and a variety of tabletop news websites to find out about new, hot, and popular games now (and upcoming).  Talk to other gamers and what they are excited about.  There's lots of social groups online.  Since everyone seems to always want to know what's new, I've put together a news video segment on my channel.  It comes out every other Friday.
Here's a direct link to the News playlist !! 

Q: How did you get into making board game videos?
A: I love playing board games, and like teaching new games to my friends.  I can quickly understand game rules from the rulebook, so I became the "expert."  I decided to make it easier for us to play heavy games together at the table by making a video on how to play before we get together.  I realized it would be beneficial to more people too, so I decided to make a full channel about it.
Check out the "My Journey" tab for more!!

Q: What are some of your favorite games?
A: I like all kinds of games, from Ameritrash to Euros.  Sometimes party games, but definitely strategy games!  Most of the games featured on the channel are some favorites of mine.  Currently, Everdell is my favorite.  
Check out the podcast, "Mentor Minutes," to hear more of my direct thoughts on favorite games.  

For an INTERACTIVE QUIZ to find out what game is right for YOU, take the quiz I made!

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