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The Meeple Mentor channel also has a Patreon page which you can visit to start supporting the channel financially.  Not only will your dollars be directly funding our video content and allow us to produce more, you'll also get something back.  We've set it up with different Tier levels, depending on how much you want to give.  At the basic level, "Meeple Freshmen," you'll get to see all our videos early before they go live.  At the "Meeple Sophomores" tier, you'll also get to participate in voting on what board game tutorial I should do next.  With the "Meeple Juniors" tier, you'll get your name in the credits of the tutorial videos.  The highest tier level is called "Meeple Alumni," and lets you choose 1 game a year for me to do a tutorial on.  If you've considered being a part of board game YouTube channel, and offer input or have involvement without doing it yourself, becoming a Patron is a great option!  I'll also be starting up a Discord channel if demand is there, where we can chat and maybe even play some games online!  Tabletop Simulator anyone?

Head on over to the Patreon page to support us at:

              The Meeple Mentor Street Team

The Street Team for Meeple Mentor works similarly to street teams that support musicians and bands that tour around the country.  It's a group of fans that want to help promote the content on the internet AND in their local game groups and shops.
The members of the street team are known as "apprentices," to play off the mentor theme.

I send to the street team exclusive updates about upcoming videos and projects on the YouTube channel.  The team is made up of gamers who live all over!  Some know each other, some don't.  But, all share the desire to support the Meeple Mentor YouTube channel.  Growing a YouTube channel is a movement, and grows from word of mouth and excitement of the fans.  If you consider yourself a Meeple Mentor fan and want to help, YOU CAN!

Send an email to: with the subject: "Add Me to MM Street Team"
Include your name, email address, and city/state.
You'll soon get a welcome email and info about different efforts you can start up in your area to promote the channel.

Remember, being on the street team is saying you want to commit to spreading the word about Meeple Mentor content online AND in person among local gamers in your area.  I appreciate your efforts and support!  I wouldn't be here if it weren't for people like you!