Thursday, April 2, 2020

Help Comes

As I continued to produce videos alone, I looked for assistance still with the editing portion.  Anyone I talked to that was interested, also needed me to pay them, which I couldn't do.  Finally, a friend of mine introduced me to his buddy who lives locally and manages a YouTube channel.  He was very eager to help, and insisted he teach me how to edit on my own, instead of him doing it.  Made total sense to me: teach a man to fish instead of giving him a fish.
After a session of meeting with him, I picked up a lot of helpful tips and shortcuts in using Adobe Premiere.  I also used Google A LOT early on to search for answers on what I wanted to do with Premiere.  Through this method, I also learned how to use the green screen effectively.  I'm still not an expert editor, but I get by with what I need!

Around November, I was contacted by a friend of a friend who was interested in doing board gaming video content on YouTube as well.  She regularly plays Dungeons & Dragons and has another board gaming meetup group meeting weekly.  Her interest was to be able to represent the female gamer perspective online.  The plan was for her and I to start working together and doing news together or some kind of 2 person show.  Before that, the PAX Unplugged convention was about to happen, and she was planning to attend.  So, we started with the idea that she would be the reporter on the road for board gaming content.  Looking for interviews and board gaming news via attending various conventions around the country.

We started actually with a Skype interview with Shem Phillips in New Zealand, from Garphill Games.  The interview went very well, and I was looking forward to more interviews she would be getting in the coming week at PAX.  Unfortunately, that didn't work out for a number of reasons.  I won't get into everything here, but by the time we reconnected after the convention, she decided to back out of helping the Meeple Mentor channel.  I think she shared her excitement of working in YouTube, and her long-time friend asked her to help him with his channel instead.  I'm not sure how that's going, but she has said she'll still support me when she can.  I think this means maybe passing out business cards at conventions.

Most recently I discussed with one of my old friends from college the prospect of doing reviews on the channel.  He's a huge board gamer like me, and we still try to game together when we can.  We live 3 hours away, and life gets busy.  I'm not sure the timeline yet on when the reviews may start, because everyone's plans got pushed out due to the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.  Additionally, I know he has a lot of family plans right now taking up time, such as moving to a new house.
Until then, I'm still doing everything I can with limited help.  I'm enjoying doing it, and have a passion for board gaming.  I plan on continuing forward with creating great gaming content for a long, long time.

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