Thursday, December 10, 2020

12 Days of Twilight

12 Days of Twilight is a parody song collaboration from many different board game content creators on YouTube. Together we sing a revised version of 12 Days of Christmas, but with lyrics about Twilight Imperium! This is a project to bring awareness of donating to Toys 4 Tots. Please consider donating, by visiting the link below.! Enjoy the song!

Released on December 10, 2020. Public YouTube link:

Consider Donating to Toys 4 Tots this Holiday Season - Check out all of these amazing channels- Space Cat Peace Turtles- The Charity Board Gamer- Ambierona- Meeple Mentor- Desks and Dorks- Love 2 Hate- Quackalope- Core 4 Games- Roll for Crit- Unfiltered Gamer- boardgamecloset- Crabbok- Shelfside- RTFM- Rahdo-

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